Monday, April 24, 2017

Ideas For Those Old VHS Tapes You Have Hanging Around The Library, School and Home!

Today, a tweet from Martha Bongiorno @Mrs_Bongi caught my attention.

There were two tweets from the library showing....
her students building with VHS tapes in their Makerspace.  
It reminded me of when we used VHS tapes and created ribbons and bows for packages for our Digital Learning Day celebration.  
You can read all about this day, and what we created, here in this post from my blog
Martha created a VHS Tape Challenge for her students and they were asked how high they could build a tower and domino maze from the VHS tapes given to them.  

What a great idea!  

I love how she tied in so much STEAM with this Makerspace activity using recycled technology from their library.  And you can see that the students loved it too. 
 Martha included the directions and was excited to share it with all of us to use too.
I started a Pinterest Board today... Creating & Projects With Recycled VHS Tapes can be found here.

Please feel free to collaborate with me if you'd like....or send any ideas my way and I will add them to the Pinterest Board.

Thank you Martha and your students for the inspiration in getting this fun conversation started.  

We all have VHS tapes laying around.  Now we will be inspired to do something with them too. 

Join Little Golden Books and Baker & Taylor For A Special Anniversary Celebration!

With Little Golden Books celebrating their 75 anniversary this year, there has been a lot of celebrating surrounding this very special event.

In fact, one event is this week!  
Baker & Taylor, Little Golden Books and Random House Children's Books are hosting a webinar, 2017 Marks the 75th Anniversary of Little Golden Books. 

It is this Thursday on April 27 from 1:00-2:00pm EST.

You won't want to miss it so register here today.

Watch My Digital Literacy & Project Connect Webinar Online

You can now watch the recording of my webinar Digital Literacy: Project Connect's Microcredential Course, which was sponsored by Follett on April 18.
In this webinar, we explored the definitions and importance of digital literacy and citizenship.  I also told my story of integrating digital literacy and citizenship into the library and school by creating a supportive and engaging curriculum, program and community.

I focused on various programs and resources that support digital literacy and citizenship.
One that I am very passionate about and that is perfect for learning the skills yourself is Project Connect. Follett created Project Connect to advocate and support librarians as leaders in Future Ready Librarianship skills, including digital literacy.  

They have also developed an online microcredential course to help librarians and others develop a vision and plan to promote digital learning within their library.  I recently took this course and loved sharing specifics during the webinar.

I know you will enjoy learning how you can sign up and get involved in Project Connect too.  You can do that here.

It is important for all of us to understand how to best empower our students as they become responsible digital citizens and critical consumers of information.  Please watch the webinar to find out more!  
You will find the recording, slides and certificate of participation here on the Follett Community site. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Welcome 23 New Flipgrid Ambassadors!

Let's welcome the Spring 2017 class Flipgrid Ambassadors to our group!

You can read about all 23 educators here.

As the Flipgrid blogs stats,

The Flipgrid Ambassador program was created to promote a closer relationship between the Flipgrid team and the members of our global community. Flipgrid Ambassadors ensure that the decisions we make as a company continue to reflect the voice of our amazing educators. Organized in the fall of 2016, the program now includes more than 100 classroom teachers, professors, teaching librarians, and instructional coordinators.

I am very honored to be part of this group.  Together we are making a difference in education by empowering the voice of our students.

Free Read Jamboree....Don't Miss This Wonderful Reading In Brazosport ISD On April 29!

There is something very special taking place in the Brazosport ISD Community School District on April 29, 2017.
It is the Free Read Jamboree!

This is a wonderful event that includes reading activities, authors, games, prizes and more.

You can join this event on April 29 from 9:00am to 12:00pm at Richwood City Park.
Also, join the Free Read Jamboree Facebook page for even more information.

I can't think of a more exciting way to kick off summer reading.  We hope you join us for this exciting event too!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sing and Learn Library Skills Out Loud With Our Four New Books and Songs!

It was so much fun celebrating the new library series I wrote with Cantata Learning at the TLA Conference in San Antonio this last week.  
 I signed these adorable Learn Out Loud posters in the Capstone booth and gave out....
bookmarks to go with the series.

During our poster signing, we played the books and sang along with Emily Arrow.  Emily arranged and produced the music for each of the four books in the library series.

It was so much fun!
You can now listen and sing along too!

On the Cantata Learning site, go to the Library Skills Set page here.  You will find all four titles which include....
Find a Book, 

On each page, you can click the play button to stream the song or download it too.  

You can preorder from your favorite vendor now or buy directly from Capstone on August 1, 2017. 

This is a wonderful way to learn library skills out loud with your students.  I know you will be singing along with Emily and our beautiful new books in the library this year too.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Come Get Your Library Skills Poster!

I am heading to TLA in San Antonio today.  This is one of my favorite events and this year I am even more excited!

On Thursday, April 20 from 2:00-3:00pm in the Capstone Booth #1517, we will be celebrating my new Cantata Learning series....Library Skills!   I will be signing these sweet little posters shown here that go along with the 4 new books and songs from the series.
You can check out the Library Skills Set on the Cantata Learning site here.  They will be available on August 1, 2017.
Don't forget to listen to the music that goes along with the books!

My friend Emily Arrow sings the songs....Check them out on the Cantata Learning site too!

We can't wait to share them with you and your students.  They will help your students remember all of the important library skills.

I hope to see you tomorrow in Booth #1517, friends.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Watch The Second Future Ready Librarians Webinar....Leading Beyond The Library

On April 11, the Alliance for Excellent Education and Follett hosted the second Future Ready Librarians webinar....Leading Beyond The Library.  

Mark Ray and myself welcomed two special guests, Bill Bass and Kim Lindskog, from Parkway School District in Missouri to discuss their district and how the two of them have empowered and led their teacher librarians and others to be Future Ready.

It was an amazing hour and one you won't to miss.

You can watch the webinar and get all of the slides to the presentation here. 

This Is Exciting! PebbleGo Next Social Studies From Capstone Coming In August!

Our friends at Capstone has announced something very exciting. 

PebbleGo Next Social Studies will be joining the PebbleGo database family in August with over 150 articles aligned with national curriculum standards for the social studies.  
As the press release on the Capstone site states,

The module's robust content will explore: Culture, Economics, Fields of Study, Geography, Technology and Society, and the United States.  Each of the articles will include: a project of activity related to the topic, a research report template, critical thinking questions, a video (when available), and information-rich text.  

With this being created for grades 3-5, PebbleGo Next Social Studies will be the perfect compliment to PebbleGo Next Science and PebbleGo Next States and American Indian Studies too.

I can't wait to hear more as this is announced at TLA in Texas this week.  I will be sure to pass on any exciting news to all of you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

You Will LOVE Creating New Genre Signage For Your Library Too!

As you know, we have been having so much fun creating new library branding and signage using Buncee's new backgrounds, stickers, animations and more.  You can read this post from my blog to find out more.

This week my friend and wonderful teacher librarian Elaine Deja created several beautiful genre signs for their elementary library using Buncee.
She created the Library Genre Signage Buncee and then....

created a sign for each genre section of their library using the different stickers from the Library category in Buncee.  
Let's take a look at one of these genre posters.

She took the Fairy Tale Buncee Sticker, added it to a page in her Buncee and turned it sideways so it could be a vertical poster when she printed it off.

Elaine even added a few more stickers and the call number to her Fairy Tale Genre Poster.
She then printed it off and put it into the new 8 1/2 x 11 table card displays she bought from Amazon. You can find them here.

I also thought of a few more things you could add to the genre posters.
You could direct students to the different categories in Destiny Discover.  Each category would have an unique URL.
For example, I could go to the Fairy Tale category in Destiny Discover, take that URL and make a QR code unique to that page.  
Then I could upload the QR code into Buncee and place it on the genre poster.  

When students go to the Fairy Tale section in the library, they will find those books on the shelf but can also use the QR code to go to the Fairy Tale eBooks through Destiny Discover too.  

You could do this with databases like Capstone's PebbleGo too  
I created a QR code for PebbleGo Animals and added it to....
the Animals genre poster that Elaine created and shared with me.  I even put a little PebbleGo image below the QR code so the students will know where that would take them.  

Elaine has made the Genre Signage Buncee available to all of us here.  You can make a copy and edit the Buncee just like I did to copy, edit or even make your own.  

And to give you an idea of what the genre signage looks like, check out Elaine's library....
I really love the sign Elaine created for her Makerspace.  
You will find that one in the Buncee too!

Thank you Elaine....You have inspired us all with these amazing Buncee Genre Signs!  

Just think of the possibilities when creating library signage using Buncee!  It will make your library and collection come to life.