Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We Are Cooking Something Special Up For The Fall With The Global Buncee Recipe Book!

Last week during the #BunceeChat and #GlobalEdChat Libraries As Global Hubs, we had amazing conversations focused around libraries, creating, collaborating, connecting and so much more.  You can read about this and see the entire chat here

In fact, during the chat we cooked up an awesome new idea!  

We mentioned how fun it is to have students find and share recipes from around the world. 

I know that when our students participated in their big country project in 3rd grade, one of the requirements was to find and cook something from that country for the Country Fair Celebration they had at the end of the project.  It was very special for students to share what they had learned and prepared with parents, teachers and other students.  Afterwards the teachers put together a wonderful recipe book of all the recipes from around the world.  

I still have the recipe books my boys, Brady and Hagan, created with their classmates that year.  They will always have a special place on our cookbook shelf.  
Then we thought....wouldn't it be cool to use Buncee to create a global recipe book?  

I love this idea!  

That night I gathered the friends who were interested into an email to kick off this Buncee collaboration.   We were all very excited to see where this idea could take our students.  
The next morning Buncee Ambassador Elaine Deja shared the beautiful Foods Around Around The World Buncee she created.  We were all even more inspired after seeing Elaine's ideas shared throughout each page.
And at Buncee, their team from around the world created pages to share special recipes and pictures.
Meagan, Buncee graphic designer extraordinaire, put them together is this amazing Buncee Recipe Book.

I learned so much about food from around the world by reading the recipe stories shared.  We can't wait to try these out at home too.

I know you are excited to participate too after hearing this story and seeing these Buncee's...I am too!
So, we have decided to kick the Global Buncee Recipe Book project off in the fall as a brand new Buncee Buddies project.

It will be the perfect time to cook up a project like this.  It is exciting to think about what everyone will create with their students and how these recipes and stories will be shared.

Will they use photos of themselves cooking or of handwritten recipe cards from their grandma?  Will they use video and capture themselves cooking in the kitchen?  Will they tell a story using stickers and animations to go along with their recipe?  Will they interview a family member and include that with the special recipe?
I love the potential for so many cross curricular connections that will take place too.

We were even thinking that it would be fun to have students share holiday recipes from around the world to create a Global Holiday Buncee Recipe Book.

The possibilities are endless!
To get ready for the Global Buncee Recipe Book project, we created a Google Document to brainstorm all of the different items we might need.

You can get to the Google Doc here.  Please add your ideas too....and ask your students to help you too.
In the meantime, Hagan and I are going to be finding the family favorites that we want to share.

I hope you will get ready to share and cook something wonderful up with all of us too!

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